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Cell Phone Dangers

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I realize that studies have produced conflicting results, but some studies of EMFs are definitely causing concern.

The fact is that children, even infants, are being exposed to electromagnetic emissions, also often called RF radiation, for many hours a day now.

No, it's not radiation like that caused by an X-Ray machine or a nuclear bomb.  It is, however a frequency of energy
transmission that can, and does, penetrate tissues within the body.  EMFs?  Electromagnetic forces?  Think mini-microwave oven.

This can, and does, penetrate through the bones of the head and into the brain, most especially of infants and young children.

Should we be concerned, though?

David O. Carpenter, M.D., Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment and the University at Albany in New York and an author of a recent letter to the U.N. and World Health Organization believes we should be.

He said,"

“I think the overall evidence that wireless radiation might cause adverse health effects is now strong enough that it’s almost unjustifiable for government agencies and scientists not to be alerting the public to the potential hazards,”

The truth is that 45% of children are now using cell phones by the age of 10.  Many infants and children fall asleep with their phones, tablets and iPads next to their heads or under their pillows.

Young people put them in their pockets or on their laps when they are not talking on them.

The average American spends 1/3 of their waking hours on their smartphones.  90% of adults and 80% of teens now have cell phones in the US.

Cell phone companies even recognize possible danger so they have, hidden in the fine print, warnings recommending the phones be kept from 1/3 to nearly an inch away from the head.  

I think most of us usually press them right to our ears to hear better over competing noises.

Tests now show that the penetration goes deeply into the brain matter of our children and it may not just be as heat.

We did not realize that tobacco chewing and smoking was harmful for many, many years, but we now KNOW that it causes lung, lip, mouth and throat cancers.

Standards do exist for measuring these radio-frequency (RF) energies.  SAR is the Specific Absorption Rate used by many governments to achieve that and some countries now require warnings about cell phones just as we do about tobacco products.  

Some countries have prohibited ads promoting cell phone sales or restricted or warned against use by children.  A German study just showed brain cancer in rats due to exposure.

How can this happen?  Our bodies produce stress-induced proteins from damage.  Martin Blank, PhD in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University is concerned because these proteins are used for protection and their presence is an indicator of damage.

In the San Francisco, California area one such "Right To Know" law was successfully challenged five years ago by the industry and removed, but another still stands forcing retailers to instruct new users as to proper handling.  It is being challenged and so far is unenforceable.

This testing has permitted a new, patented and well tested device to be available that lasts for the lifetime of the cell phone, microwave oven, or other emission devices.

It is only a couple of millimeters thick, weighs almost nothing and permanently sticks to the back of the phone.  

I does not affect the cell phone's functions at all.

It only interferes with the RF energy emitted and protects the head, the hips, or the lap area of the user.

The only one I trust that is currently available, with this level of government sanctioned testing and 12 years of development behind it is called D-FUZE and it is only available from Stemtech.

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Visit Stemtech to learn more about organic phytonurtients and adult stem cell nutrition as well as about D-FUZE, which protects against cell phone, tablet and iPod RF emissions (EMF.)  More D-FUZE FAQs are available also.  Brain Mapping information is here and shows how deeply the RF Emissions penetrate, most especially in children.

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  1. With any research, one should follow the money to determined who did it and who funded it! In this area, a great deal of research by industry shows 'no effect' but almost all done by non-industry-affiliated firms shows an effect, sometimes a serious one. Perhaps that should be the subject of a post - Follow The Money to determine credibility!