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Integrative Medical Solutions: The Why! - Part II

Current Practices Without Integrative Medical Solutions

Orthodontists still very frequently utilize a sequence of procedures based upon what is called “serial extractions.”

·     What is commonly told to the parents, and the teenager, is that "there was not enough room for the teeth to fit in the jaw.” 

·     Second bicuspid teeth (usually) are removed from one or both dental arches, followed by orthodontic braces and forces are applied with braces, wires and rubber bands to close these spaces.

·   It has been learned, as many of these young men and women have grown older, that several different kinds of symptoms have resulted.

·       The most significant legal case, involving a settlement of $ 1.8 Million against the University of Minnesota’s Dental School was won citing this procedure as causative while I practiced.  The second lawsuit began right after this decision.

·       TMJ Dysfunction was found to have been the result of this technique.

I will again discuss this further in another post however the point to be made here is that these teeth were removed with a desire for a cosmetic result more often than a need to be able to chew. 

Therapy was of shorter duration and could be completed during an Orthodontist’s specialty training period.

Malaligned teeth were indeed straightened and could be kept clean more easily, but at a long-term, unexpected price.

Knowledge of the orthopedics involved, while not appreciated then, has been increasing for over 25 years.  From cases like this I realized how common it was for serious assumptions to be made and that they could be very wrong.

Many patients are now having those spaces opened and 2 or 4 bridges are being placed to replace the iatrogenically removed teeth.

Physicians are generally not taught to be aware how important the input from our physical bodies is to the way the brain and the nervous system are capable of functioning.  

1.    It is our brain that continuously monitors our physical body and uses that information to make decisions about how it should be controlled.

2.   What if the information flowing into our central nervous system as sensory input is significantly abnormal?

3.   The neuroanatomy involved in some cases will be discussed; but for now, simply think of the brain as a computer, garbage in…garbage out. 

A study at the Univ. of Ohio showed significant changes in muscle strength with mandibular repositioning using intraoral devices as measured with dynamometers.  Orthopedic input influenced neuromuscular output.

I saw plethysmography (measures blood flow) readings change with such repositioning as measured in the fingertips.  What might this imply about chronic joint dysfunction such as osteoarthritis, where the cartilage lacks internal capillaries and depends on the nutrition from fluids around it?

I will be using real examples to clarify much of this in the future.

I believe all medical specialists, but especially Integrative Medical specialists must be trained so they can come to accept and to understand how important it is to consider the fully functioning, integrated, symptomatic person in front of them. 

Current training is still based on pieces to make it all easier to learn and to study.  Our bodies ARE complicated machines.  There is only a short time to learn so much material.  That is a reality.
  • Physicians frequently diagnose symptoms, not root causes.
  • They are taught which medications or therapy treat those symptoms.
  • Medications treat symptoms, not causes, in almost all cases. 
  • What if the therapy does not solve the problem?

The Future of Medicine With Integrative Medical Solutions

We are not cadavers.  All of our muscles, circulatory vessels, tissues and organs; down to every cell, are controlled by function of the brain and nervous system. 

Our bodies were made to heal themselves, but sometimes they need help to do that.  Very often that help will not come from taking medications.

A new period is dawning.  “What the mind knows, they eyes will see” is a saying to live by. 

  1. ·      Organizations such as the American Holistic Medical Association (1978) began to be founded.
  2.      The American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM,1996) and the global Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine have been formed with the understanding that certification standards are necessary. 
  3.         In an article in Science-Based Medicine, (Sept 26, 2011) Dr, Andrew Weil ( was “blamed” for promoting Integrative Medicine
  4.         The article ( called Integrative Medicine a marketing ploy and named it “quackademic medicine.”Dr. Weil is a Programming Director of the ACIM, which is recognized by the Arizona Board of Regents.
  5.       The University   of Arizona, the week before had just released the information that it was forming the “Arizona Center For Integrative Medicine (ACIM)”  and was applying to work with the ABIHM at the time.

This has been typical of the response of the medical community.  I met the same reactions back in 1982.  It has not significantly changed enough since then.

I had been met with not only skepticism but also derision and vilification, even though I helped many patients to achieve an improved life, often freed from suffering pain and dysfunction. 

Thus, Integrative Medical Solutions is my proactive response to the lack of understanding and of appreciation of what can be offered by this approach.

I was once told by an Osteopathic Physician that I had become a person who combined information from many fields, that I synthesize information.  That is what I hope to continue to do; to research, to learn and to share what I learn.

I want more people to become aware of the many options that are available to them, especially when answers are not found by traditional medical approaches or interpretations. 

It is my hope that Integrative Medical Solutions will become a springboard to health, and to financial improvement, for many people.

In this real world I cannot be entirely altruistic. I must have a means of funding what I hope to be an endeavor of many years’ duration. I will therefore also be providing for myself, and others, a means of generating income.

I am currently developing a means of generating income to help me sustain this ongoing research I so very much want to be able to return to, and upon which I will base the information I present here. 

I recently began offering an affiliation platform for enhanced adult stem cell nutrition in order to offer people more choices to improve not only their health, but also their own financial situations.

This business is Stemtech and is an established company with a history of 10 years of growth and phenomenal research behind it's purely organic phytonutrients and behind D-FUZE.  

According to tests at a government certified laboratory, D-FUZE protects our brains and genitals; most importantly, our children's; from RF Emissions (EMF Radiation) caused by cell phones, Tablets and iPads.  More facts are available if you click on this.  D-FUZE FAQs

I have a group of people ready to help train others as I they’ve been training me; to improve my own understanding about business administration and more particularly, of effective techniques for Internet marketing.

Internet marketing will allow me the freedom to pursue my passion, what I am sharing here on this website.  I look forward to the challenge presented here in developing the case for Integrative Medicine as a necessity in health related university programs. 

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to offering a lot more information to you in the future.

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·       PLEASE NOTE:  This is not meant to replace your Physician or other therapists and their advice. Please consult them for their opinions and further consideration. 

·       What is expressed here is purely my opinion, based on my experiences and the research I did for the benefit of my patients. 

·       It is meant to help people and therapists at all levels of expertise in the search for explanations. 

·       INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS will, I hope, help to advance the understanding of medical knowledge by contributing my perspective.

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