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Integrative Medical Solutions | Stem Cells 101

Integrative Medical Solutions and Stem Cells

What Are Stem Cells?

These have been called Progenitor Cells.  

They are totally unique in our bodies because they are not yet blood cells, muscle cells, lung cells, heart cells.  

They are the undifferentiated cells which will become every kind of cells we have before we are born.

They become almost every kind of cell we have after we are fully developed, except nerve cells.

Why Is There Such An Interest In Stem Cells?

Think protection.  Think healing.  Think old cell replacement.

Our body tissues are being replaced every day, but only small amounts at a time.  Cells grow old, losing proper function due to damage due to their age or damage.

So slowly we never thought it was happening.  Consider, we have over 200 different cell types in our bodies.  

One kind of cell, the undifferentiated cell, grows in our bone marrow, is released, goes to where it's needed, attaches, then becomes the new functioning kind of cell we need.

All of this by the new, "totipotent" cell receiving chemical messages it receives from damaged tissues somewhere else.

The heart is totally "replaced" about every 15-20 years.  The lungs and liver about every 4-5 years.  Blood cells only last about 120 days.  The spleen clears out old and damaged blood cells, making room for new ones to take their place.

The inner lining of our intestines is replaced about every 3-5 days.  The surface of the tongue, gums and skins are also rapidly worn away and replaced fast enough that we don't normally wear through them.

Stem cells not only replace one cell losing function, they can also multiply into many, many more new functioning cells of that type.  

The one stem cell becomes possibly thousands or even millions of the new type once they differentiate and become a new muscle cell, a new lung tissue cell, a new gut lining cell; a new artery, vein or capillary lining cell, etc.

Integrative Medicine Depends On Stem Cells

We can consider them part of our immune system because they help us fight disease, and physical damage.  They help fight the damage caused by oxidative molecules that attack our living, functioning cells.

There is growing hope!  Research is progressing.  The Vatican, in conjunction with the Stem For Life Foundation, hosted an Adult Stem Cell conference in hopes of helping people, young and old, to find a way their bodies can heal themselves.  

Stem Cell Therapy helps our own immune system to work for us more effectively.

At the Sanford Research Center in Sioux Falls South Dakota they are using Adult Stem Therapy in clinical trials to hopefully stop, even cure disease progression.  This includes rare genetic diseases!

As another example, The Lung Institute ( reports that they have had success with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) with Stem Cell replacement therapy.  Their report shows 84% of their patients reported improvements in their lives.

Changing Our Own Stem Cell Replacement And Growth

Dr. Christian Drapeau and I had occasion to speak this past weekend.

He is truly excited by the on-going developments in both research and products showing that using appropriate nutrition to stimulate our natural stem cell production systems, as well as to help them circulate better, is strong.

Research has shown that improved nutrition can and does have an effect on new stem cell growth within, and release from, the bone marrow.

Research has shown that products developed from algae and various food sources can help clear our circulatory systems of fibrin, allowing better blood flow through our tissues.

Research has shown that we can recover from exercise and injury faster and more effectively by using selectively improved nutrition.

In other words, we may not need to have Stem Cells injected into our bodies for some problems, but instead our own bodies may be able to replace their own better than they do now, possibly with the same effect.

Is there more to this than this simple explanation?  Of course there is.

Our bodies are essentially super complex machines; "batteries included," "instructions included;" to detect damage, tell itself it has a problem and where the problem exists.  

It can then direct itself to send repair crews to the place they are needed, knows how to make the repairs and even knows how to replace damaged tissues.

To do that we need improved nutrition.  Phytonutrients, nutrients derived from plants, may prove to be the best and safest sources.

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